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L’Internet ouvert sur tout

Private, fast, reliable and secure access to the open internet

One click to a private and secure Internet

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L’Internet ouvert sur tout

Un accès rapide, fiable et sécurisé
vers l’Internet ouvert

No logging

Lantern does not store:

  • Linking Lantern account to real identity (such as purchase information)
  • Connection logs (time stamps of connection of IP addresses from client to Lantern server)
  • Browsing history
  • Traffic destination or metadata
  • DNS queries

Please read our privacy policy.

No cooperation with law enforcement

Lantern does not cooperate with any law enforcement in any country. Please read our transparency report. We responded to the FBI under penalty of perjury (5 years in prison) that we do not process any information regarding a proxy IP. Please read the grand jury subpoena and our response.


Lantern encrypts all of your traffic to blocked sites and services to protect your data and privacy. Lantern passed multiple third party white box security audits to ensure security of our code.


Lantern est facile à utiliser. Il suffit de la télécharger et de l’installer pour commencer à diffuser en continu, à naviguer et à utiliser des applis. Aucune configuration n’est nécessaire.